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The Maturing of a Bike Shop

Day 60 – Life Cycles

I like movies.  I like bikes. But I have never been a big fan of Mtn Bike videos. I mean, I like them, but, for the most part, you seen one you seen, well, you know. And I know, some of you who have seen ‘em all think that I full of crap.  That the latest NWD #11zillion or Best of Earthed Volume 64 or RBR 2017 or anything from The Collective are must see videos (Roam made me sleepy) and you need to own them all and watch them over and over. Gawd knows, I’ve seen ‘em all so I could sell them all. And then we play them over and over in the shop.  But when I stop to think about them in depth, really, they all run together.  None of them stand out.  Well, maybe Roam did because it made me really sleepy. Did I mention that already? Had it on in the shop last week, and once again, nappy time.  Ok, Whatever. Different drummer thing, fine. But for me, same old stuff, over and over.

So, now a new one is out, Life Cycles.  6 years or so in the making.  Major use of the RED HD camera. Scott is the featured bike brand.  We are not Scott dealers (although we have lots of Scotts involved here), so why should I care?  Watched it anyways.

Blown Away!

This is definitely not a Mtn Bike video. Not even close.  THIS is a Biking FILM! Best way I heard this movie described? “Discovery Channel’s Planet Earth Meets The Mountain Bike”.  Perfect. Some scenes are just so flat out jaw dropping. Others, amazingly beautiful. Mesmerizing.  Check out the teaser trailer :

We’ve got a DVD copy fresh in the shop, and if you’ve got about an hour or so tomorrow, Sunday the 28th, then stop on by.  We are going to show it 3 times on our big screen.  Starting at 1pm, then 2:30pm and once more at 4pm. Check it out for yourself.  You won’t be disappointed.

(^ ;Beverages and popcorn will be made available to all who stop in; ^)

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Day 56 – The Thursday Night Spin – Tuesday Edition

Our 4th Spin and our Group continues to grow! Remember, Thursday, December 2nd, TWO Spin Classes! One at 6pm followed by another at 7:30pm! Pick one – Be Here!

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Moocher IS Guerrero

Ok. It’s now been an even half dozen people that have told me that if I had had a Tivo or a DVR, that I wouldn’t have had to worry about missing “The Human Target” when I caught that flat in my FICTIONAL story about my Rebel 3.0 computer on our Wheely Big Deal page.

My first response was,  “I was just trying to demonstrate one of the many ways a cycling computer could be of value, obscure, though it was.”

Then, I was like, “It was a FICTIONAL STORY, I made it up!”

But, then I decided I would just tell the truth, “I own a bike shop dude. How the hell am I gonna own a Tivo too?”

—Coming to this blog soon, a bit of Mountain Bike History.  Just as soon as my illustrator develops his roll of film.  He must not have a digital camera, because if he did, it wouldn’t take so long to get those photos to me. Sheesh.

Stay tuned!

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Day 54 – TWWBD #2

This is a really good one!

This Weeks Wheely Big Deal!

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Day 52 – When Is Work Not Work? Today, At EC!

Today was one of those days. No, not one of those bad days. It was one of those days, where we can’t believe what we we’re doing at Endless Cycles is supposed to be work.

First off, the weather was unbelievable for November 17th. Just incredible! Scott rode in to the shop today and I rode down into town to run some errands.  Absolutely gorgeous!

Second, so many customers, that have become friends over the years, stopped in today.  So many, that you’d think it was the middle of summer on a Saturday in a shop that had been around for years.  Not one just over 6 weeks old, on a Wednesday, during what is typically the slow time of year for the cycling industry. Andrew, Chris, Wendy, Ken, Dennis (good to see you again man) and his friend, now ours, Richard (New Project One Owner!), Scooder, Mike, Elaine and my wife Lisa – Good times guys!  Great seeing you all today!

And then to top it off, some new friends came in as well. Rodrigo, Sean and David (a triathlete in training, was in looking to upgrade his cycling equipment. It can be a bit overwhelming, but we’ll help him stay on top of it).  And then there was the Taylor family, who surprised mom with a new Trek Allant WSD, trimmed with celebratory  balloons! Our fit specialist, Karen, snapped this pic of the happy family to add to our “Look What I Got” page of our website.

The Taylors

And speaking of Karen, she picked up her own new Pivot 5.7 frame today as well. You can find her on our “LWIG” page too!

And tomorrow? Well, our buddy Pete is going to be in to pick up his new Pivot 429, a dozen or so Spin Cyclists are attending tomorrow’s Thursday Night Spin and another dozen or so Night Riders are down for the Thursday Night Lake Chabot Mountain Bike Ride.  And that’s just the stuff we know about!

I guess I won’t be going to work again tomorrow either. It seems the summer, friends and fun are endless at Endless Cycles! (cornball meter just pegged to maximum)

Thank You All for making work not work!  We would be nowhere without your continued support!

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Day 49 – TWWBD

No, this post is not about a Kid Rock song.  It’s about Endless Cycles’ The Weekly Wheely Big Deal! Que the pre-made add:


The first, but not the last.  Remember to check the blog every Sunday night to find out the 411 on each Week’s Wheely Big Deal!

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Day 47 – The TREK/Fisher Solution For The Suspended CDL

So, what do you do when you do something stoopid, get caught and lose your driver’s license? Well, first, you get your life a bit more under control. And then you get one of these:

The Gary Fisher Collection Transport

No Car, No Problem.

When your life is changed, this bike can change your life..

Amazingly practical. The Transport is longtail cargo bike loaded with smart features so you can accomplish more by bike.  It can tote up to 250lbs on it’s rear cargo carrier. It’s like a Suburban on 2 wheels!

We just received one in size 17″.  It’s suggested MSRP is $1319.99.  We’ve got it for $1249.99. Come check it out and test ride it for yourself.

With this bike being so long, here are two photos that are close ups of just the front and then just the back.

Transport Front Half

Transport Rear End

Trabsport Rear End

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Day 44 – Thursday Nites Are Going To Be Big @ Endless Cycles!

This fall and winter, we plan to take back the night with two exciting cycling offerings!

First, Elaine Minton, a certified coach, will be leading a free spin classes each Thursday night (except Thanksgiving) from 6pm to 7pm this November and December.  All you need is your bike (any type will do) and a cycling trainer.  If you don’t have a trainer we will have some for you to borrow or purchase. Our supply is limited, so give us a call and we can reserve one for you. You can go here to learn how to sign up!

This Is One Of Elaine's Legs!

Also happening on Thursday Nights will be Night Mountain Bike Riding @ Lake Chabot!  Three of our  new customers,  Andrew, Cullen and Brian, all avid mountain bikers, came to us during our Grand Opening and said “Hey, we’re looking to start up a Thursday Night Mountain Bike Ride at Lake Chabot,  You guys interested in hosting it?”  H E double hockey sticks we are!” we said!

oooooh, cool lights.

So this Thursday night, we will be hosting our first ride.  All of you who are interested, you’ll need your own mountain bike and a super bright riding light.  If you don’t have one of them lights, we have a couple extra that we can loan out. As for the bike, we’ve got a bunch of excellent ones for sale at terrific prices.

We will meet at 6pm at the shop and at 6:30pm, head out to the Lake.  There will be quite a few guides that will insure that anyone participating will not get lost or left behind. We will  have a pizza and beverage fund bucket, that depending on how much everyone puts in, will be used to purchase pizza and beverages to be consumed upon your return to the shop at approx. 8:30pm.

You can let us know you’re planning to attend by sending an email to or by signing up on our facebook event page.

So, Thursdays are going to be action packed this winter. We would love to have you join in on the fun!  See you Thursdays.

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Day 37 (one more time) – More Grand Opening Photos

More of the photographic styling of Scooderoni from our

Unbelievable Grand Opening Celebration:

The night before the event, I had a hard time sleeping.  I kept worrying about whether or not we promoted this event well enough and what would we do if we only had 10 people show up, 5 of which that would be my family. There was a forecast of rain, another local shop had moved their grand opening to the same day as ours and you know, all those fears that fill your brain while laying in bed in the dark when it’s too late to do anything about anything.

Well, my fears were unjustified.  Our official head counter was relieved of duty after the 200th head was counted!  50 would have been considered a success, 100 would have been awesome, but 200+ was way beyond what we ever expected (5 of which were still my family)! It was unbelievable!

Thank You to all of our partners, friends, family and company sponsors who helped us pull this off! Everything was perfect!

And Thank You to all of our customers, old, new and future, for you support.  You are why we do it!

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Day 39 – The Giants Allegory

Giants Win The Series!

On August 25th, 2010, I was called off the bench, so to speak, to accompany my parents to AT&T Park for a Giants afternoon ballgame against the Reds. My parents have been HUMONGOUS Giants fans for the past few years and they had decided that my Dad had recovered enough from a heart attack a couple of years ago to get out to AT&T Park and check out a game in person. They had planned this trip for months and one of my younger brothers, Rob, another huge Giants fan, was all set to take them. But, wouldn’t you know it, after being unemployed for 2 years, Rob lands a great new job a week before and because of it, he can’t go!

So the call went out to me. At that time, Scott Edwards and I were neck deep in putting together Endless Cycles. But with my parents in their 70s and my Dad wheelchair bound, there was no way they could manage this trip on their own. My Mom had never been to a major league baseball game ever. My Dad hadn’t been to a game in 20 years. And with my work schedule at that time being fairly flexible, there was no way I was going to let them miss this outing!

So off we went that Wednesday in August to AT&T Park. The people at the Park were awesome. They made it so accommodating for folks in wheelchairs, that it couldn’t have been any smoother to get in and to our seats. The seats were on the club level in their own private box. Wow, what a view! It was down at the end of the first base line where we could see the entire field and McCovey Cove too. It was AWESOME. I hadn’t been to a game in two years myself and was immediately overwhelmed by the majesty of the ballpark!

When the PA announcer came on to announce the Giant’s lineup and the music started thumping, my Dad was overcome with emotion. Through his tears he said that you don’t experience these electrifying moments watching the games on TV and that he was sad that my brother Rob was missing out on it. Then I was overcome with emotion. My Mom wanted to know why all of a sudden neither my Dad or I could no longer speak. I was thankful I was wearing sunglasses. It was an incredible moment for all of us and the game hadn’t even started.

This particular game started off pretty badly for the Giants. Some rookie pitcher named Madison Bumgarner was doing terrible. He gave up 4 runs to the Reds in the first inning, and then 4 more in the third. The rookie was pulled before the third ended. The bullpen took over and allowed 1 in the 4th and 1 in the 5th. 10-1 (Giants got 1 run in the second inning) and the game had already taken almost an hour and half to get through those 5 innings. People started to leave. But then something magical happened. The Giants didn’t surrender. Nope. They kept plugging away. Some guy named Ross, just acquired the day before got a hit. And then so did this new guy Fontenot and the Panda (?) and some country bumkin named Buster Posey. Juan Uribe hits a homer. Two runs in the bottom of the 5th and then two more in the sixth. The 8th inning was off the hook! The ball just started flying all over the place. The Giants put up 6 runs to take the bleeping lead! Impossible but true. The crowd by now had worked themselves into a wild, crazed frenzy and the Giants were just running rampant. I was feeling sorry (but not real sorry) for the fans already in the parking lot hearing the roars of the crowd and kicking themselves for leaving. It was unfreaking believable!!!! These Giants guys didn’t ever quit, they kept finding ways to score and the bullpen had stopped the bleeding. The Reds did score one last run in the 9th but somehow, after 9 long innings, this damn game was tied, 11-11. Now, I have been to well over a hundred MLB games in my life and bar none, this game was the most exciting game of them all. The game ended in the 12th on a run scoring single off of Giant’s Barry Zito (some things never change) but the Giants walked off like they had just won the game and the crowd treated them as if they had with a thunderous standing ovation! I looked over at my Dad and he said, “are these guys unbelievable or what?!” I had to agree. There was something special about these guys.

I thought about that day tonight, after the Giants won the World Series. That day of fun at AT&T Park with my parents, other than my wedding day, was, without a doubt, the greatest day of my adult life. But I also think that the lesson I was again taught that day, of never giving up, working together as a team and that playing with heart will eventually lead to great things (like a World Series Championship!) also contributed to the special feelings that I’ve hung onto from that day. I followed every Giants game from that day on through tonight’s ultimate success and I have been completely enraptured the entire time.

That allegory of perseverance is actually bestowed upon us more times in our lives than we realize and it may go over our heads at times. But when it does register on us, it should be appreciated and reflected upon. With all that was happening to Scott and I with the setting up of Endless Cycles and the Giants success in failure ingrained in me from that day in late August and then with their simultaneous success while we building our business, well, I do believe it had a lot to do with my continued positive attitude when dealing with all the trials and tribulations in putting our bike shop together. We never gave up or got down when it got hard. We formed our own terrific EC team that believes in teamwork and getting the job done together while lifting each other up when needed. We may not be as successful as we expect right away, and some days it may be tough, but we’ll keep our heads up and never stop trying! I believe that because after getting to know everyone on our EC team, I know, for sure, that I’ve never met a group of people with more heart!

Other than the Giants, that is!

We can’t loose.

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