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Review: The EMazing Electric Bike

Review: The EMazing Electric Bike

I live in Castro Valley, and I bicycle commute from my house to the BART station almost every day.  From my stable of bicycles, my choice for commuting is easily the EMazing Electric Bike.  It is an electric assist bike, which operates with a lithium battery.  Each pedal stroke is made easier by the electric assist, so I can get to my destination without breaking much of a sweat.  My bike is a single speed, but the newer Emazing Bikes have gearing and a stronger assist than what I have.

As a baby boomer, I was a kid in San Francisco, and experienced the bad drought (kids had to line up to use the bathroom at school and the last person flushed), Jimmy Carter (he had vision but the world wasn’t ready for him), driving 55, and the energy crisis.  It was instilled in me to not waste energy (shut the lights!) and precious resources from a young age.  I took to cycling as a mode of transportation in college, which wasn’t easy because I went to UC Santa Cruz and lived in Ben Lomond (15 miles one way), but I was younger and stronger back then.

I’m older now, have more responsibilities, and I’m in a hurry all the time.  I still have my convictions to not waste precious resources, and would like to ride a bike to commute instead of using my car for a simple 6 mile roundtrip commute to get to public transportation, but it’s not easy when you don’t live in a place like Davis, where it’s all flat.  There are hills in Castro Valley!

The Emazing Bike fits with my ideals.  I have a Topeak pannier system on the bike, and I can put my lunch and what I need for work or yoga in the panniers and go the BART station.  There are now bike lockers by Bike Link at the station, and it costs only 3 cents an hour to park my bike in one of the sturdy lockers.  Not only do I get to the BART quickly because I don’t have to drive around to look for parking (and wasting gas), but it costs literally pennies to park (It costs $3.00 to park your car in the BART parking lot).

The electric assist is exactly what it is, i.e. the battery/motor assists each pedal stroke, making it easy to pedal, even more so on an incline.  You can also go faster with the electric assist than on a normal bike.  You still have to pedal, but the pedal strokes are easier than if there was no assist.  The assist has 4 speed modes: No Assist, Low Assist, Medium Assist and High Assist.  I rarely use No Assist—what’s the point, I’m riding an electric ASSIST bike.  Most time, Medium Assist works fine for most conditions, and I use High Assist when I’m a little tired, heading up a steeper hill, or I want to get somewhere really fast without sweating too much.

I went on the Endless Cycles Thursday night road ride in Cull Canyon to test out the bike before I bought it.  I easily rode past everyone on the hills and flats, including the hard core road cyclists with their carbon fiber bikes.  However, I wasn’t able to keep up on the fast ride back to the shop because it was mostly gentle down hills, and I had no lower gears to propel the bike faster and could only coast.  I even got on Briar Ridge, which is one long and steep hill, and I easily outpaced a road cyclist to the top!

I wish there were more bicycle riders in Castro Valley.  I think it is an ideal place to own a bike and get around town, like the folks do at Davis, but I can see why there aren’t…Castro Valley is pretty much built on the foothills and some of the hills can be daunting or too much of a workout for someone who is not in great cycling condition or that hasn’t been on a bike in quite a while. Well, the Emazing Bike is perfect for those folks!  Whether it’s to commute like me,  get around town, or to get to BART or to just run some errands, it’s perfect.  You’ll see me at the supermarket pushing my bike through the store and putting items into my panniers instead of a shopping cart.  It makes me feel very French with a baguette and a bouquet of flowers in the panniers coming out of Safeway.  The Emazing Bike gets 2 thumbs up from me.  Now, there’s no excuse not to ride a bicycle.


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Tech Review Of The Shimano WH-6700 Tubeless Wheelset

Editors note – this is a new feature consisting of Tech Reviews written by our customers for the benefit of other customers.  Anyone can submit them, and after a little editing, we’ll put them here and post the to facebook as well! Email reviews to  Now, on to Andrews Review:

A Tech Review by Andrew Thomson

Shimano WH-6700 Tubeless Wheelset

Welcome to the first ever Tech Review from Endless Cycles in beautiful Castro Valley California. My name is Andrew Thomson and I’m a elite level racer for Tri Valley Velo which, if you didn’t already know, is sponsored by Endless Cycles.

I’m excited to review the 2011 Shimano WH-6700 Tubeless wheelset that I currently race and train on. This wheelset is a true dark horse on the market.

The first ride on this wheelset was amazing. These 1650g wheels spun right up thanks to the silky smooth and easy to maintain ball bearings. On the road I was amazed by the comfort that these wheels gave me under my 190lb build while at the same time, when the road started to climb, the overall stiffness showed up and made sure every ounce of power was put to the ground.

The best thing, and one that I just can’t keep from speaking about is their cornering and descending prowess. Just flat out confidence instilling. Point the bike and there it will go. I have raced and trained many trouble free miles on these wheels and I can confidently say they are worth every penny. From a weekend warrior to an elite level racer, these wheels will get the job done. If you have any questions on these wheels please feel free to ask me or contact Endless Cycles.


Editors note, again – since writing this review, Andrew has experienced a loosening of the non-drive side spokes of the rear wheel.  Due to the properties of wheel building and a bit of mechanical physics, this is not unusual.  The fix is relatively simple, using either a spoke prep or linseed oil on the non-drive side spoke/nipple interface. An updated review should be forthcoming.
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