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Tech Review Of The Shimano WH-6700 Tubeless Wheelset

Editors note – this is a new feature consisting of Tech Reviews written by our customers for the benefit of other customers.  Anyone can submit them, and after a little editing, we’ll put them here and post the to facebook as well! Email reviews to  Now, on to Andrews Review:

A Tech Review by Andrew Thomson

Shimano WH-6700 Tubeless Wheelset

Welcome to the first ever Tech Review from Endless Cycles in beautiful Castro Valley California. My name is Andrew Thomson and I’m a elite level racer for Tri Valley Velo which, if you didn’t already know, is sponsored by Endless Cycles.

I’m excited to review the 2011 Shimano WH-6700 Tubeless wheelset that I currently race and train on. This wheelset is a true dark horse on the market.

The first ride on this wheelset was amazing. These 1650g wheels spun right up thanks to the silky smooth and easy to maintain ball bearings. On the road I was amazed by the comfort that these wheels gave me under my 190lb build while at the same time, when the road started to climb, the overall stiffness showed up and made sure every ounce of power was put to the ground.

The best thing, and one that I just can’t keep from speaking about is their cornering and descending prowess. Just flat out confidence instilling. Point the bike and there it will go. I have raced and trained many trouble free miles on these wheels and I can confidently say they are worth every penny. From a weekend warrior to an elite level racer, these wheels will get the job done. If you have any questions on these wheels please feel free to ask me or contact Endless Cycles.


Editors note, again – since writing this review, Andrew has experienced a loosening of the non-drive side spokes of the rear wheel.  Due to the properties of wheel building and a bit of mechanical physics, this is not unusual.  The fix is relatively simple, using either a spoke prep or linseed oil on the non-drive side spoke/nipple interface. An updated review should be forthcoming.
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