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Crank-It-Up Stand In Action!

GearUp Crank-It-Up Stand – $37.99!

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COOL STUFF You May Not Know About, But Might Want To! v5.0

1. Bike Medicine – Purple Extreme

This IS NOT Purple Extreme From Bike Medicine!

Purple Extreme is an advanced, high performance, synthetic bike chain lubricant. It provides excellent protection for chains, open gears and exposed metal surfaces subjected to severe loading. In addition, it works extremely well even in abrasive, cold, wet or acidic environments. Purple Extreme’s additive technology forms a slippery, super-tough, synthetic film on metal surfaces that protects drivetrain parts far beyond the ability of conventional oils or waxes.

THIS IS!!!!!

  • High Mileage Per Application – Most cyclists Experience 400+ Miles of Road Riding Between Applications of Purple Extreme
  • Best Value For Your Money! One Bottle of Purple Extreme Provides Three or More Times the Mileage of Most Competing Products
  • Runs Clean – Doesn’t Attract Dirt

  • Originally Designed To Run Chains In Salt Water – Will Not Wash Off In Rain, Mud Or Snow

  • Smooth Running – Reduces Drivetrain Noise

  • All Conditions Lubrication Security – Protects From Wear Up To 400° F. and Down To -100° F.

  • Does Not Harden in Cold Conditions

  • Ultra High Film Strength – Prevents Metal To Metal Wear

  • Stays In Place – Does Not Shed or Fling Off

  • Penetrates Quickly To All Parts Of The Chain

  • Helps Prevent Corrosion – Stops Rust From Ruining Your Drivetrain -$13.99ea

2. Halo II Headband

Halo Headbands are technically designed to keep sweat and sunscreen out of your
eyes and off your glasses while training, working out, racing, or just working hard.

Halo Headbands include the soft and comfortable Sweat Block Seal (that yellow strip on the inside). This exclusive water-tight seal redirects sweat away from your face. We were turned on to these by our resident Pivot 5.7 pilot Chris and we can’t keep ‘em in stock! -$12.99ea

3. inno Rack “Up Right” Roof Rack

No, the bike is NOT included. Sheesh!

We just recently picked up these racks because: A – They fit just about EVERY car with an existing roof rack, either factory installed or third party and are easy to install, B – They are complete setups, even includes locks and C – THE PRICE IS RIGHT! – $179.99ea

- Carrier secures bike without touching bike frame or cable brake systems
- No tools required for Universal Mounting System fitting square, round, most factory bars
- Supports most bike frame styles
- Supported tire sizes: 20 in, 22-24 in, 26 in – 700c, 29 in / max. tire width 2.7 inches
- Locking rear ratchet tire holder
- Includes keys and locks and locking bike cable

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COOL STUFF You May Not Know About, But Might Want To! v4.0

1. Bontrager, Lezyne and Topeak Morphing Pumps

For the most part, pumps made to carry on your bike suck. They are so freaking awkward to hold on the valve of your tube and get any leverage while pumping to pressure and it takes forever to get your tires up to that pressure, if they ever do!

BUT, Morphing Pumps are AWESOME! Why are they called morphing pumps and just why are they awesome? Because they “morph” into mini floor pumps!

With them, you get to use the entire earth for leverage while a hose runs to the valve, WHILE the wheel is back on the bike, NOT in your other hand! Some even have a gauge. We carry all three brands and love them all! Click on the photos to learn more about each one. If some of our vendors didn’t require is to carry the other types of pump, Morphs would be all we’d sell! -$34.99 to $54.99

2. Park Tool MT-1 Multi-tool

If your looking for the lightest, smallest, best bang for your buck with nothing you’ll never use multi-tool, this MT-1 from Park Tool is it! It measures 110mm long, 35mm wide, and 8mm thick and weighs next to nothin’ . It’s tools include:

  • 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, and 8mm hex wrenches
  • 8mm, 9mm, and 10mm socket wrenches
  • Straight blade screwdriver

All of us here at EC have been carrying it for years! I even keep one in my truck for those times I happen upon a helpless cyclist who is unfortunate enough not to have one when they need it. Don’t let that be you! -$9.99ea

3. Speedplay Drillium Platform Pedals

A couple years back, I developed a foot problem in which the clip from clipless mtb pedals (still makes no sense to call these pedals that) that made my right foot cramp up. I tried every type of pedal, every cleat placement, and nope, no cure, just PAIN. So, I resorted back to plain old flats. The basic $20 ones were junk. BMX pedals were better, but with my wide foot, my little toe hung off the edge and went nite-nite. Crank Bros 50/50s were a definite improvement, width-wise but still not wide enough. Then one day, as the story goes, the shop I worked for became a Speedplay dealer and in the first shipment were a couple of sets of Speedplay Drillium Platform Pedals. Love at first sight I tell you. I threw them onto my bike at the time and they have been the only pedals I’ve used the last 5 years now, on ALL my bikes!

Here’s what you need to know about them:

  • Three precision bearings (one needle, two cartridge) for durability and smooth operation
  • Monster 12mm spindle handles 800-pound gorillas with ease
  • Lubrication doesn’t require disassembly, thanks to the built-in grease port
  • Huge concave platform provides ample surface area for transmitting power to the rear wheel
  • Replaceable pins – 20 of ‘em on each pedal
  • Cooling holes to dissipate heat during re-entry
  • Hard-anodized finish with laser-etched logos
  • Pedal Weight (per pair) 565g

They haven’t changed in all those 5 years either. That’s because they are perfect. Perfectly wide (my little toe stays awake the entire ride), Perfectly sticky (I can get about 4/5s revolution per leg, just can’t pull up), Perfectly light, Perfectly smooth action, Perfectly beautiful and Perfectly COOL! -$109.99 pair (get ten bucks off if you mention this post!)

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COOL STUFF You May Not Know About, But Might Want To! v3.0

1.Topeak iPhone Dry Bag

Here is a cool new product for iPhone users. A dry bag (waterproof) for your phone. that keeps your iphone handy on either you bike’s stem or handle bar. I’ve been using one for a while now, and it allows me to use the phone while riding. I can listen to music or talk through earphones as well as talk on the phone. I suggest using the EC/PCL Communications Custom Fit iPhone Open Air Ear System for the ultimate in safety while using an iPhone during riding!

This iPhone specific pack features a foam body for protection and a clear touch window for viewing phone display. The screen still reacts to your touch controls so you do not need to continually keep removing it from the bag to change settings. It even has a clear area for your camera lens so you can record your rides while moving! It works great with iPhone apps like Cyclemeter turning your iPhone into a GPS Cycling Computer.-$29.99

2.Life Cycles DVD

For those of you that haven’t seen this film, you need to. This film is the game changer in cycling video and quite possibly, for all sport video and films. It will set the bar by witch all other sport films and videos will be measured for years to come. We’ve shown it numerous times in the shop and it never ceases to thrill and amaze those who see it! -$29.99 (mention this post and get $5 off!)

3.Surly Stainless Steel Flask/Ahearne Spaceman Flask Holster

Kinda a novelty, but this unusual setup can be useful as well. At first look , it looks like you’re ready to make a cold chill or a bad day disappear with a nip of your favorite distilled liquid. And, it can certainly be used for that, but legally, this flask, fully loaded with spirits on your bike, can lead to an open container violation.

But you can use it like I do, and fill it with your favorite electrolyte powder and use it to replenish your waterbottle as needed. No more empty bags to dispose of. And if you ride with others, there is usually enough to spread around. I find it holds 5 bottles’ worth of Hammer Heed. -$84.99 for both.

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COOL STUFF You May Not Know About, But Might Want To! v2.0

Each week, this is where we will spotlight some really cool items we carry in stock that you may not know about, but once you do, you might want!

1. Avenir Steel Core Tire Levers

These are unbreakable steel core nylon levers with chamfered tips and spoke hooks. Flats are never fun, but with the Avenir Steel Core Tire Levers you will help you get back on the road or trail every time. And unlike the plastic only ones, they will not break!

If you have had the pleasure of installing WTB or Schwalbe tubeless type tires, you know how difficult they can be! A couple of these levers can make it a whole bunch easier! -$1.99ea

2. Clean Bottles!

Before we get started, NO, we do not sell dirty bottles, so don’t even ask. It’s been asked more time than I care to count!

Ok, why in the wide, wide world of sports did it take 2000+ years for someone to come up with a cycling waterbottle that has a screw off top AND a screw off bottom? We’ve all probably experienced having to toss bottles out because we neglected to get all the sports drink out and some sort of funk grew at the bottom. This should have been thought of along time ago (preferably by us), but, oh well, why it took so long for someone to come up with it is moot as someone has done it! AND THEY’RE AWESOME! -$8.99ea

3. Lizard Skins Clear Adhesive Patches

Help prevent cable rub on your bike frame with Clear Frame Patches. Those pesky cable housings rubbing on your head tube can make your expensive, beautiful carbon frame downright ugly. These patches are made with polyurethane and comes with high performance adhesive to ensure it won’t yellow or crack over time. These frame patches will mold to any frame shape. They do have the cute lizard logo on them as well! Pack of 6 -$6.99ea

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COOL STUFF You May Not Know About, But Might Want To! v1.0

Each week, this is where we will spotlight some really cool items we carry in stock that you may not know about, but once you do, you might want!

1. The Cane Creek Thudbuster Seatpost

Cane Creek’s Thudbuster is the most effective and versatile suspension seatpost on the market. Its patented parallel-linkage technology delivers a clear advantage in traction, comfort and control. This makes all other suspension seatposts seem like a toy. There is no negative effect on pedal stroke, unlike traditional vertical suspension seatposts that suffer an inevitable collapse when you shift into low gears. Yes, it may add some weight, but on a touring bike or hardtail mountain bike, it’s worth the trade off!

I have one on all my touring bikes and it comes as standard equipment on Salsa Fargos, which I now ride. Along with my Brooks saddle, it’s like riding on a hammock on top of a cloud. COOOOOMMMMFYYYY! -$139.99ea


The CueClip’s super strong clip will hold your directions no matter how fast you’re riding. Use the clip on either your bar stem or handle bar by simply rotating the clip.The small teardrop aero shape and low profile means you can leave it on your bike when not in use. Don’t worry if the CupClip gets wet, the rivet is solid brass with a protective black coating and the clip is plastic! It will never rust. -$6.99ea

3. Bay Area Bike Rides Deck

50 Rides for Mountain, Road, and Casual Cyclists

Ever get the urge to go out for a ride, but were tired of all of your usual routes, so you just bag it? Or you and your fellow riders can’t decide or agree where to ride? Well, here’s what you need!

Just pop open your deck of durable, sweat-resistant, pocket sized cards, pull one out and VOILA, your new ride route! The front of each card has a detailed map of the area, while the back contains detailed directions and mileage logs! No more indecisiveness to ruin your ride. Play card roulette and always get a new adventure! -$19.99ea

Check back next week for even MORE COOL STUFF you might want!

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