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Day 37 (again) – Grand Opening Photos

Grand Opening Bicycle Sale!

Raffle Time!

Food! Cyclists Like Food!

More Food! Cyclists Like More Food! Go Rick!

Lotsa Fun!

Bobbie The Magical, Juggling, Unicycling Clown and Tax Accountant

Dessert! Cyclists Like Dessert!

And Even More Food! You Got It, Cyclists Like Even More Food!

All these photos are courtesey of Scooderoni.  Thank You Scooder.

I’m tired.  My computer hit me in the head 3 times while making this post.

Tomorrow, More Photos of the Crazy Day.

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Day 37 – The End is Just The Begining

Today was a landmark day for Endless Cycles. We had our Grand Opening Celebration and with that, marked the end of the birth of our new bike shop.

We now are equipped to offer first class service in a first class atmosphere and mature into the shop we desire to be. With lots of learnin’ to do along the way, it’s time get down to business and make some money!

Thank you all for making today’s Grand Opening Extravaganza more spectacular than we could’ve ever imagined!

Much more to come in this blog on this exciting day over the next few days. Too much to get it all into one post.

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Day 36 – V

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Day 35 – The V of AV: Please Stand Up

Please Stand Up By.  We should be able to finally show you the Visual part of our AV system Friday because the part we still need, as they say, is in the mail.

Funny story (at least to me) about the above test pattern.  When I was about 5 years old, that test pattern appeared on our television one night, and I attempted to read it.  I got the”PLEASE” and the “STAND”, but before I got the last word, my Dad helped me out and finished it for me.  He said “UP”.  So, believing everything that TV told me at that age, I stood up.  And stood there. For about 5 minutes.  Until my Mom, feeling sorry for me, encouraged me to try and read it again for myself.  So I did and I got it!  I then walked over to the TV and stood next to it.

The End.

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Day 33 – A of AV

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Day 31 – Our Best Day Yet! Rain Be Damned!

Any way you look at it, today was a good day.

Wayne C. and his son Bryce came in and picked up their Gary Fisher Advance (Black and Orange, an omen?) and Trek Earl Fixie. (btw, if you or your kids are looking for a cool fixed gear bike for under $400, come on in and check out the Earl.  Steel with a split rail top tube, nice.) Hey Wayne and Bryce, if you’re reading this, I forgot to get a photo of you guys with your new bikes for our website.  The first thing my wife Lisa asked me when I told her about your purchase was, “did you get their pictures for the website?  Doh! So, if you get a chance, send me some snaps of you guys and your new rides. I’ll put ‘em up.  Send to

Later in the day, Laurel S., a super nice client from right here in Castro Valley,  came by to look at Trek Women Specific full suspension mountain bikes.  After being fit by Matt and a quick test ride in the rain, she ordered one nice Fuel EX6 WSD! When I asked her how she heard about us, she said she found us on Trek’s dealer locator, found our website from there and then began reading our blog.  I’ve always wondered if anyone else other than my mom and Scooderoni have been reading this stuff, and I guess now I have that answer.  Thanks Laurel! Sweet.

Then to top it all off was THE GIANTS WON THE PENNANT!!!! So, with the Giants in the World Series this week and since by then we will have our new big screen and sound system installed, we want to invite anyone in the area to catch the games in our shop.  We will be open each night until each game is over and if the game lasts past 7pm, there might be some adult beverages for those of you old enough to partake. We have Kaspers next door for dogs and Dominos two doors down for pizza.  You can even head to Pyzanos up the street for some real pizza (if you do, we’ll probably chip in for one of those).  So grab some grub, park yourself at our marble bar or in our comfy chairs and enjoy the games!

On second thought, today wasn’t a good day, today was a GREAT DAY!

Giants Win The Pennant!!!

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Rainy Day Sale!  This Sat and Sun look to be wet.  That can really dampen you weekend rides.  Buy you don’t have to let it dampen your shopaholic tendencies! Just come on down to the shop, mention this blog post and receive 15% off all parts and accessories and get an 5% extra off our already low bike prices as well. Or, instead of that extra 5% off the bike, get 12 months deferred interest if you apply and qualify for a Trek card and then use it to buy a bike! And any purchase for 20 bucks or more gets a free tube thrown in!

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Day 30 – Days of Firsts

Today was our first day of offering TREK card financing.  And no sooner than it was activated, we had our first customer wishing to apply for it.  His name was Alex and he is an exuberant, fine young man.  He was very patient as he waited for me to fumble through the Trek Card procedures.  Thanks for hangin’ in there Alex.  And Alex, if you do read this post, I’ve some answers concerning your questions about internships,  Stop by the shop so we can chat about it some more.

Today was also our first day as a Trek Project One Dealer, and yep we sold one!

Tomorrow we will be finalizing our first Grand Opening Celebration (October 30th) with the GO Committee to nail down the final details,  Here is what we already know is set for for that day: Morning shop sponsored road and mtn rides, free morning coffee and bagels, hourly raffles for Bontrager shoes, helmets, pumps and lightsets, swag from Salsa , Gu, Shimano, Wilson’s, QBP and more! We will have shop tee shirts, bobby the magical juggling clown, a unicyclist/juggler balloon artist, vintage bike displays, flat tire clinics, skills challenges, pumpkins, live music, food, beverages, cupcakes and if the Giants are in the World Series, the game will be on the big screen!  More on all this in tomorrow’s post.

And tonite was the first time in 3 1/2 weeks that Scott and I each got home before 8pm.

I got to sit down and have dinner with my wife Lisa again. That was really nice.

Nighty night.

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BREAKING NEWS – Project One and The TREK Card

A couple of new developments in the Shop today.  We are now a TREK Project One Dealer.  If you are not familiar with what that means, check it out here, TREK P1.  We can now offer you a Madone exactly the way you want it!  Create it, Build it, Ride it! That’s TREK Project One.

And, if you find that custom Madone is going to put a crimp in your cash flow, we now can offer you the TREK Card for financing it!  Or use it for any other Trek product in our shop!  Or if you want to use it to purchase any other one of brands with it, Do It!  If you qualify, you can use it in our Shop for anything. You can check out more about it HERE.

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Day 29 – Scooderoni’s Day Off

We had the humongous honor of having Scooderoni in the shop today.  ALL day today! He took a day off from his real job and gave us a helping hand. He was a real whirlwind and took care of some nagging tasks that have needed to be done for a while. He learned some new merchandising skills and picked up some new retail lingo.  He even went and picked up a Pyano’s Pizza for lunch. And on top of all that, he took some excellent photos of the shop.  Thanks Scooder, for everything! It was a pleasure having you spend the day with us  today.

And now, without further ado, Scooder’s Shots:

Outside Shot w/ Vintage Bontrager on the Bike Rack

Scott w/ Tom from Full Cycle Sports

Scooderoni's Vintage Fisher Infront Of Our New Rudy Rack

Fisher Thru A Fisher

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